CHAT AI Dialogue System and Tools

CHAT AI Dialogue System & Tools is a UE4 plugin that provides Blueprints for building interactive AI based dialogue systems using ChatGPT and GPT as a backend and tools to integrate the power of large language models directly into the UE5 editor.

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Getting Started


The main component of the plugin is CHATAIDialogueSystemAndToolsLibrary function library. It exposes a group of functions that provide the user with ways of simplifying static meshes, procedural meshes and group of vertices at runtime, these are better described on the C++ Function/Blueprint Reference section.

C++ Function/Blueprint Reference


void SetAPIKey(FString APIKey);


static void SetModel(FString ModelName);


static void SetTemperature(float Temperature);


static FGPTDialogueContext CreateDialogueContext(FString CharacterName, FString ActAs, TArray<FString> ThingsToMention);


static void Talk(UObject* WorldContextObject, FString Dialog, UPARAM(ref) FGPTDialogueContext& Context, FLatentActionInfo LatentInfo, bool& bIsSuccess, FString& ResponseString);


static void AskAQuestion(UObject* WorldContextObject, FString Prompt, FLatentActionInfo LatentInfo, bool& bIsSuccess, FString& ResponseString);


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