Undertone - Offline Whisper AI Voice Recognition

Undertone is an offline voice recognition asset for Unity. Enhance your game with 99 languages, translation, efficient performance, and cross-platform compatibility for immersive player experiences.

Getting Started

Welcome to the Undertone documentation! In this section, we’ll walk you through the initial steps to start using the tools. We will explain the various features of Undertone, how to set it up, and provide guidance on using the different models for voice recognition.


Undertone offers both English-only and multilingual models. The plugin comes with a default English-only model, tiny.en. Available model types include tiny, base, small, medium, and large. Smaller models are more suitable for devices with limited resources, like phones, while larger models can be used on computers with more processing power.

Model comparison

The following table provides a comparison of the various models in terms of disk space and memory usage:

Model Disk Mem
tiny 75 MB ~125 MB
base 142 MB ~210 MB
small 466 MB ~600 MB
medium 1.5 GB ~1.7 GB

How to download models

The SpeechEngine component provides a convenient interface for downloading the models with just a click.


The plugin contains two demos to demonstrate transcription functionality: realtime transcription and push-to-record transcription.

Realtime transcriber

This demo captures a window of data every 1-2 seconds and transcribes it in the background. It uses the RealtimeTranscriber.cs script.

Push to talk

This demo captures up to 100 seconds of audio



This class loads the model into memory. Since the model is not multi-threaded, one SpeechEngine should be loaded per concurrent thread that will be transcribing. The SpeechEngine allows you to select the language and translation.

Script Reference for SpeechEngine.cs

Property Type Description Default Value
Selected Model string A string representing one of the downloaded models. The tiny.en model is included in the asset package. tiny.en
Selected Language string A string representing the language the audio will be in. Use “auto” for auto-detecting the lang. en
Translate to english bool Translate the result into english. For example if the audio says “Hola” in spanish the resulting text will be “Hello” false
Suppress Blank bool Suppress blanks in transcription true
Speed Up bool Experimental speed up, at the loss of quality. Useful on long amounts of audio false
Verbose bool Extended logging false
VAD Threshold bool Voice Activity Detection threshold 0.004
VAD Windows int How many windows to listen after voice activity is detected 3


This script captures audio from the microphone continuously and transcribes it in windows, displaying the transcription on the screen. Smaller windows result in faster transcribing at the cost of overloading the system. The transcription window adapts depending on how the load is being handled.

Script Reference for RealtimeTranscriber.cs

Property Type Description Default Value
Engine SpeechEngine The speech engine used for processing null
OnTextTranscribed event Event triggered when text is transcribed Empty
InitialStepSizeInSeconds float Initial step size for processing audio in seconds 1.5
AutoAdjustStep bool Automatically adjust the step size based on the input true
MaxWindowLengthInSecs float Maximum window length for processing audio in seconds 12
WriteTimestamps bool Include timestamps in the transcription output true


PushToTranscribe.cs is a script that captures audio input and processes it using a specified speech engine. The script is designed to transcribe the audio, providing an output with optional timestamps. Users can set a maximum recording time to limit the duration of the audio capture. The script requires an instance of a SpeechEngine to perform the transcription and can be customized based on the user’s requirements.

Script Reference for PushToTranscribe.cs

Property Type Description Default Value
Engine SpeechEngine The speech engine used for processing null
WriteTimestamps bool Include timestamps in the transcription output true
MaxRecordingTime int Maximum recording time in seconds 100


Common issues

Transcription quality is poor

There could be several factors contributing to this issue:

  • Background noise: The model might struggle with accurate transcription when there is substantial background noise or music. Try reducing the noise for better results.
  • Small model: While small models offer portability and speed, their transcription quality may not be as high. Consider using base or larger models for improved accuracy.
  • Multilingual for English: If your application is primarily focused on supporting English, it is advisable to use an English-specific model. These models typically perform better on English tasks compared to their multilingual counterparts.


For any questions, issues or feature requests don’t hesitate to email us at help@leastsquares.io or join the discord. Very are happy to help and have very fast response times :)


Supported Platforms

Undertone supports the following platforms:

Platform Supported

If interested in any other platforms, please reach out.

GPU/CUDA Support (Undertone 2.0 onwards)

Undertone currently offers GPU support in Windows through CUDA and cuDNN. For these both libraries need to be installed:

If the requirements are met successfully Undertone will try to infer the neural network using the GPU and fallback to CPU if not possible.

Supported languages

Undertone multilingual models support the following languages:

  • english
  • chinese
  • german
  • spanish
  • russian
  • korean
  • french
  • japanese
  • portuguese
  • turkish
  • polish
  • catalan
  • dutch
  • arabic
  • swedish
  • italian
  • indonesian
  • hindi
  • finnish
  • vietnamese
  • hebrew
  • ukrainian
  • greek
  • malay
  • czech
  • romanian
  • danish
  • hungarian
  • tamil
  • norwegian
  • thai
  • urdu
  • croatian
  • bulgarian
  • lithuanian
  • latin
  • maori
  • malayalam
  • welsh
  • slovak
  • telugu
  • persian
  • latvian
  • bengali
  • serbian
  • azerbaijani
  • slovenian
  • kannada
  • estonian
  • macedonian
  • breton
  • basque
  • icelandic
  • armenian
  • nepali
  • mongolian
  • bosnian
  • kazakh
  • albanian
  • swahili
  • galician
  • marathi
  • punjabi
  • sinhala
  • khmer
  • shona
  • yoruba
  • somali
  • afrikaans
  • occitan
  • georgian
  • belarusian
  • tajik
  • sindhi
  • gujarati
  • amharic
  • yiddish
  • lao
  • uzbek
  • faroese
  • haitian creole
  • pashto
  • turkmen
  • nynorsk
  • maltese
  • sanskrit
  • luxembourgish
  • myanmar
  • tibetan
  • tagalog
  • malagasy
  • assamese
  • tatar
  • hawaiian
  • lingala
  • hausa
  • bashkir
  • javanese
  • sundanese

About us

We are a small company focused on building tools for game developers. Send us an email to careers@leastsquares.io if interested in working with us. For any other inquiries, feel free to contact us at hello@leastsquares.io or contact us on the discord

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