Camera Shake FX

Bring your explosions to life with Camera Shake FX! Easily apply trauma to different objects, such as cameras, on command, giving you full control over the trauma effect!

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Getting Started


The asset contains 2 main scripts which allow you to configure its usage. These are:

  • StressReceiver.cs: This script should be added to any cameras (or any gameobject) you want to shake nearby a explosion. This script contains some parameters that allow you to configure the strength, rotation and movement of the shake effect. These options are detailed on the script reference section below.

  • TraumaInducer.cs: This script should be applied to the explosions you want to cause a shake effect. This script contains several parameters like the maximum stress the explosion can generate, the range and the delay of when exploding. A showcase of how to apply it is demonstrated in the included demo.

StressReceiver.cs Script Reference

Property Type Description Default Value
MaximumAngularShake Vector3 Maximum angle that the gameobject can shake. In euler angles. (5, 5, 5)
MaximumTranslationShake Vector3 Maximum translation that the gameobject can receive when applying the shake effect. (0.75, 0.75, 0.75)
TraumaExponent Float Exponent for calculating the shake factor. Useful for creating different effect fade outs 1.0

TraumaInducer.cs Script Reference

Property Type Description Default Value
Delay Float Seconds to wait before trigerring the explosion particles and the trauma effect 1.0
MaximumStress Float Maximum stress the effect can inflict upon objects [0,1] 0.6
Range Float Maximum distance in which objects are affected by this TraumaInducer 45

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